Saturday, January 5, 2013

Brooklyn SAT Tutor - SAT & NY State -Wide Test Prep

I specialize in SAT Prep, NY Bar Exam Prep and NY state -wide test preparation as well as the following subject areas:  Math, Reading, Writing, History and Social Studies. I serve New York City and Long Island.

Call me at any time to find out prices and schedule an appointment: 347 921 4829

About the SAT

The SAT is not about “basic” reading and writing – it deals with advanced language concepts that require intensive studying. Our method of tutoring ensures proficiency in:
  • Vocabulary acquisition (hundreds of new words)
  • Sentence completion
  • Reading comprehension
  • Effective and persuasive writing
About NY State-Wide Exams & Regents

NY State requires that all students take several "state-wide" exams. These exams are in the areas of Math and English. Once these exams are completed ( by junior high school), the student is then required to take yearly Regents exams. These exams range in topics such as Math, English, Foreign Language, History, Science, etc. These tests are grueling - and are essential to your child obtaining a Regents diploma.


I am a college and law school graduate. I am an admitted attorney in New York State. I have tutored privately for several years - and have developed effective teaching techniques. I know I can help your student master the materials.

Schedule an Appointment
  • Call us at 347 921 4829 or use the "Contact Us" link at the top of this page. I'll reply promptly.
  • The first few meetings must occur in a local public place (library/coffee shop), for everyone's safety and convenience.

  • Prices: Prices vary depending on several factors. You may also be eligible for discounts and groups rates. Call me to find out more: 347 921 4829

  • Payment is accepted only by cash. I will not accept personal checks.

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